Farm Update January 27th, 2018


We have been enjoying the warm afternoons lately. The days start out pretty cold and it is shirtsleeve weather by noon. We have had a few mornings in the high teens and afternoons in the high 60s.

The long list of non-harvest tasks that built up during the labor shortage in the summer and fall is finally being addressed. One task that we worked on this week is enlarging the basins around our pomegranate trees in the north orchard. We moved the basin boundaries out beyond the drip line of the trees. Next week we will fertilize and mulch the trees and replace the protective cages that keep the rabbits and other rodents away from the trees.

We are also continuing to catch up with the planting. Another bed of lettuce and greens was planted yesterday and we also put in another bed of salad turnips. This next week we will be planting an array of herb seeds so that we can start to replace the beds of herbs that got cooked last June in the high heat. We lost the mint, sorrel and sage beds and intend to put in a few more herb varieties.

We are still seeking summer interns, so if you know of anyone who might be interested, please tell them to contact me at

We will see you at the markets!

unnamed (7)
kale, lettuce, and broccoli beds
unnamed (6)
garlic in the warm winter sun


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