Farm Update July 29, 2017

We dug another row of Kennebec potatoes today. They will be in the CSA shares and available at the market.

Yesterday evening we planted hundreds of winter squash seeds. This is about 3 weeks late, but we will still be able to harvest them before the first frosts in November. We will be growing two varieties – butternut, of course, and Delicata. We have not grown Delicata before and we are looking forward to harvesting them. Our winter squash strategy this year is to grow both types. While the butternut are curing for a couple months we will be selling the Delicata, which are ready to eat as soon as they are harvested.

We also planted another round of summer squash – zucchini and two varieties of patty pan squash. We should be harvesting them in about 5 weeks from now.

Our jalapeños are ready to start harvesting. The first of the corno di toro Italian sweet peppers are just starting to turn red, so we will have the first ones at the market in a couple weeks or so.

The Suyo Long cucumber production has exploded; we are harvesting more than 60 pounds every other day now and it looks like this rate will increase! If you are interested in some for pickling, let us know and we will be happy to provide them in bulk at a lower price than we sell them for at the market.

Thank you for supporting local, organic, sustainable agriculture!

kennebec potatoes

suyo long cucumbers

Farm Update July 15, 2017

The monsoon has been good to us so far! We have received 2.56in of rain at the farm, most of it in 2 storms.

This is the year for rattlesnakes at the farm. We extracted two more from the purple bush bean bed in the last week. I hope there aren’t any more in that bed. It makes me nervous when I am picking beans.

We will see you at the market!


purple beans on the bush
purple beans in the bucket

Farm Update June 17, 2017

With some help from some volunteers and our hardworking farmers we covered the high tunnel frame with shade cloth Thursday morning. Thank you Elizabeth, John, Dianne, Ian and Steve !! The plants in the high tunnel will be shaded and this should increase their production through the summer. It will be very hot over the next few days, so the shade cloth was installed just in time.

The summer squash are finally producing. We have 3 types of patty pan and classic zucchini plants cranking out the squash right now.

We’ll see you this Sunday at the market and Monday at our Green Valley/Sahuarita CSA drop off.