Farm Update March 18th, 2018


We finished pruning the pomegranate trees in the North Orchard this week. We will fertilize, mulch and reconfigure the irrigation lines in the next few weeks. The protective cages around the bases of the trees will be expanded and reset as well. This fall we should have our first, small pomegranate harvest if the fates allow.

Our field is finally fully planted out if you include the winter cover crop that is on most of the East Terrace. This is pretty exciting since we have been working for 6 months to catch up from the labor shortage of last summer. We are finally caught up !! Thank you to all our volunteers, wwoofers, HelpXers, interns, CSA shareholders and customers for helping in this process. Onward !


We will see you at the markets.



3.17.18 asparagus night art
3.17.18 kohlrabi


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