Farm Update September 10, 2016

I hope you had a great holiday weekend. We caught up on some much-needed rest. We did a little work harvesting for our restaurant and store customers, but mainly took it fairly easy for the week.

We are back at it now and working apace to get our fall planting done. We are planting plenty of root vegetables – carrots, parsnips, rutabagas, cippolini onions, Iitoi’s onions, various types of beets, among others. We are also going to put in some fall broccoli, kales, Romaine lettuces, other head lettuces and collard greens, along with some other interesting greens.

As a reminder, we are nearing the end of the spring/summer CSA share deliveries – the last deliveries will be September 25 at Rillito and September 28 at Green Valley.

For those of you interested in signing up for the next round, this weekend/week we will begin taking payments/reservations for our 16-week fall/winter CSA share program, deliveries for which will begin the last weekend of October and run through the end of February 2017. Shares will cost $250 for 16 weekly deliveries. We will have the forms at the markets and also put them up on our website. Please let us know if you are interested in signing up!

lunchbox peppers
ripe jalapeños
purple & white eggplant

Farm Update August 20, 2016

Our challenge of the week is the bugs – harlequin bugs, western striped cucumbers, spotted cucumber beetles and grasshoppers. These insects are feasting on our vegetables. One of the reasons we have so many is that our weeds got out of control and many of the bugs are hosted by the weeds. The harlequin bugs really like the amaranth which is everywhere in our field. The bugs will get a share of the production until it gets too cold for them to live and that is some months away.

Our eggplants are really starting to produce. We have four kinds growing – the standard Italian variety and three small ones that are purple, white and mixed. We will be bringing all the varieties to the market in the weeks to come.

Our mouse melons are also growing well. We had a few at the market last Sunday and hope to have them at both markets for several weeks going forward.

We have started the planning for our winter CSA, developing a list of vegetables and varieties to grow. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

IMG_0703 copy

IMG_0704 copy

IMG_0705 copy