Farm Update August 12, 2017

Oh yes, it is still summer; the temperatures won’t let us forget that even though we had many days of sub triple-digit highs before this past week. It is nice to have the precipitation back. We had a decent rain out here yesterday and it is clouding up quickly this afternoon, so maybe we’ll get another bit of rain later today.

As has been the case the last few weeks, our Suyo Long cucumber production is amazing. We are now harvesting more than 100 pounds every other day. If you are interested in some for pickling, let us know by noon on Saturday and we will be happy to provide them in bulk (20# minimum) at a significantly lower price than we sell them at the market.

SouthWinds Farm has been invited to participate in the Hacienda del Sol Heritage Foods Festival, to be held in the evening on Sunday, September 3. If you are interested in more information about this event, stop by our farm stand and pick up a flyer or visit

We will see you at the market!

new bed of lettuce mix
weeds trying to take over the middle terrace

Farm Update October 1, 2016

The end of the monsoon delivered nearly an inch of rain at the farm – 0.85″ in the last week. The total rainfall at the farm since late June is 8.01″ – a pretty good rainy season this year.

Lately we have planted two types of beets, onions, carrots, lettuce mix, salad mix and radishes. Today and tomorrow we will get in the parsnips, rutabagas, kales and various greens.

We have started removing the shadecloth from the growing beds in preparation for the fall and winter growing season.

If you have signed up for the fall/winter CSA season, your email address will be added to the next CSA newsletter email distribution list and you will start receiving emails in a few weeks.

As mentioned in earlier newsletters, if you would like to sign up for our next CSA season, we will continue taking payments/reservations for our 16-week fall/winter CSA share program, deliveries for which will begin the middle of November and run through the middle of March 2017. Shares will cost $250 for 16 weekly deliveries. We will have the forms at the markets this weekend and they are also available on our website, here.

okra plants full of blooms
okra plants full of blooms
Okra plants full of blooms
watermelons are almost ready