Farm Update March 11th, 2018


The vernal equinox is less than two weeks away and we are well into our spring preparations. We are getting ready to plant a new asparagus bed – the  trench is dug and the bottom has been picked and lined with a compost & soil mixture. We will add in some cocopeat and more soil. The new asparagus crowns are scheduled to be delivered this coming Wednesday and we hope to plant them soon after.


We will start on the spring blackberry bed maintenance in a week or so. This entails pruning the floricanes from last year, fertilizing the bed with compost,and mulching the bed. We are also planning to put a better shade structure over the bushes to protect the berries from the high heat and intense sun of June. Lots of work, but worth it for blackberries !!


Thanks for your support. We will see you at the markets!



3.10.18 (2) baby beets
baby beets
3.10.18 kohlrabi


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