SWF CSA winter-spring 2023

Thank you for your interest in purchasing produce grown locally in the San Pedro Valley near Benson. We hope you’ll join in enjoying our farm’s bounty and become a member of our CSA!

Our mission is to:
• Grow delicious, healthy, organic vegetables and fruit
• Use sustainable methods and permaculture techniques to do so
• Treat our customers and supporters with respect and care
• Engage with our various local food and farming communities

How It Works
Buying a share in a CSA is like purchasing a food subscription to a farm. As a share member you become part of our farm community. You pay at the beginning of the season (or by payment plan), and every week during the season you receive a selection of seasonal, delicious, fresh, local, and organic produce. You pick up your share at one of the farmer’s markets that we attend: Heirloom Farmers’ Market at Rillito Park and La Posada Farmers’ Market. If you are not able to pick up your share, you designate someone to pick it up for themselves or for you. We do not extend the season for missed shares.

How To Sign Up For Our CSA:
• Sign-up Form: Fill out the form on Page 4 and mail it with your payment to the address given or bring it to us at the farmers’ markets
• Payment: You must sign up for the whole season to join our CSA – we do not offer partial season shares. We do, however, offer two payment options, in-full and payment plan
  Payment in full – This is our preferred method of payment, in which you pay the full share cost by the first share delivery.
  Payment plan – Payment is made in two equal installments. One by the beginning of the season, and one by mid-season (specific dates can be found on Page 2 of the Signup Form).

Where, How and What We Grow
We have 8 acres in the San Pedro Valley, approximately 5 miles east of Benson. Right now we have one field of about 1 acre in area, plus three small orchards (Jujubes, pomegranates, figs). We use organic techniques to grow our vegetables. We use only organic fertilizers and natural pesticides. Our crops are both hybrid and heirloom varieties. We do not grow GMO crops.
We use rainwater, groundwater, and drip irrigation to optimize our water usage. Our farm is off-grid, so our water is pumped using renewable energy. We use berms and other earthworks to increase the recharge of the rain that falls on the farm. We currently meet the farm’s energy needs using solar energy.
We have a newly completed high-tunnel that functions as a shade structure in the summer and a greenhouse in the winter.
See the Crop List on Page 4 of the Signup Form for some of what we’ll be growing this season and some example shares. The shares will vary from these examples.

How Our CSA Is Different
We concentrate on variety within the summer season staples: greens (salad and cooking), carrots, radishes, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet peppers, chiles, summer squash, eggplant, cucumbers, melons, string beans, shallots, and some herbs, among other crops.
And, within the fall and winter season staples: greens (salad and cooking), carrots, radishes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, bok choi, cabbage, beets, kohlrabi, broccoli, and herbs, among other crops.
We try to vary the mix every week but there will be weekly repeats. There will also be some surprises and additions. The amount you get each week is based on market value. The benefit of the CSA over only shopping at the farm stand is that we give the CSA first choice on the choice items such as sweet peppers, carrots, potatoes etc. Also, produce moves quickly at the market and the CSA guarantees you go home with a great selection of our best produce.

How Many People Will A Share Feed?
This is a difficult question because every household has different eating habits. A share should be able to meet most of the weekly vegetable needs of one person or a couple. It will provide a modest portion of the vegetable needs for a small family.