Farm Update March 4th, 2018


What a week of weather – snow one day then 70 degrees and sunny the next ! Since the storm cleared out it has been really nice.

This week is Nik’s last – he is heading out for some training, vacation and then on to a summer job. We will be sad to see him leave as he has been a tireless worker since he arrived in November and a fun person to be around. Thanks for your help Nik !

Two new helpers arrived Thursday – Chris and Corey. You will undoubtedly see them at the market in the weeks to come.

This last week we have had nightly visits from a small herd of javalinas. They ate up some unprotected spineless prickly pear cacti that were waiting to be planted. They are digging up the compost pile and waking us up at night as they root around. We will have to move the perimeter fencing up on the priority list.

Thanks for your support. We will see you at the markets!



baby romaine lettuce
arugula ready to cut


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