Farm Update January 20th, 2018


The last few days we finally removed the soil cover and weed barrier from portions of our East Terrace, where we had the invasive bindweed infestation 3 years ago. We will soon find out if we successfully eradicated the bindweed from the beds where it had spread. Having these beds restored and available for planting will increase our available bed space by about 2,500 square feet. We will plant these beds as soon as we amend them with compost and prepare the soil.

Some of the beds in the high tunnel beds are finally ready to harvest – the SWF greens mix beds in particular are growing very well in the increased temperatures and humidity inside the structure. This is the first winter that we have crops in the high tunnel and we are experimenting and learning how best to use the space.

Thank you for supporting local, sustainable agriculture!

We will see you at the markets.

unnamed (5)
perspective from within the high tunnel
unnamed (4)
red beets


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