Farm Update January 13th, 2018


The last few days our hardworking crew planted 30 trays of seeds, including broccoli, kale, onions, cabbage, and various greens. We also planted another half-bed of romaine lettuce in the high tunnel.

This morning we finally burned the last of the huge piles of weeds that accumulated this summer. It was good to see those weed seeds go up in flames!

The row of blackberry bushes has been weeded and prepared to receive compost and mulch, which should be completed next week. We are hoping for a bountiful blackberry harvest this June.

And speaking of June, we are taking applications for summer interns if you know anyone who is interested in working long days in the heat with rattlesnakes while learning how to farm sustainably in the desert. Our internship listing is online here:

We will see you at the markets!

unnamed (3)
young napa cabbage
unnamed (2)


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