Farm Update January 6th, 2018

Happy New Year!

We are back at it after a nice break. Today we completed the fall treatment of the asparagus beds – a bit late but finished nevertheless. We should have a pretty good asparagus harvest this spring with two beds that we can fully cut and one bed that we should be able to harvest very lightly. We will prepare and plant a fourth bed later this month.

We continue to plant apace. In the high tunnel we recently planted a partial bed of baby romaine lettuce, with the remainder of that bed to be planted with more romaine tomorrow. Today a half bed of arugula was seeded. Tomorrow we will transplant kohlrabi, spigariello, fennel and rainbow Swiss chard.

We are looking forward to delivering delicious, healthy, sustainably grown food to  you this year!

unnamed (1)
new greens bed basking in the warmth of the high tunnel
purple prickly pear cacti


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