Farm Update February 3rd, 2018


This week we tilled up the bed portions that were formerly infested with bindweed. These beds have been covered with weed barrier for 3 years and keeping them covered has eradicated the bindweed. After the bed preparation, we planted a cover crop with a winter green manure seed mix consisting of winter rye, forage peas, red clover, hairy vetch, and annual ryegrass. In a couple months we will chop this cover crop down and incorporate into the soil. This will increase the soil fertility and improve its tilth.

Another project we started this week is the preparation for a new asparagus bed. This involves ripping the soil, opening up a trench with the plow and then mixing in soil amendments to create a rich soil bed for the asparagus crowns. We intend to use compost and cocopeat mixed with the field soil. We will complete the asparagus planting by the end of this month.

Thank you for supporting local, sustainable agriculture.

We will see you at the markets!

unnamed (8)
bok choi
unnamed (9)
snap pea blossoms


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