Farm Update November 19, 2016

Well we got the expected freeze, multiple freezes actually. Monday, Tuesday and Friday all had low temperatures around 32° F. At ground level it was likely a bit colder.

The tomato, eggplant, pepper and watermelon plants were all hit pretty hard. We have been salvage harvesting when we have had time all this week, including today. As such we have lots of green tomatoes and many pounds of green corno di toro sweet peppers (which taste just like green bell peppers).

Your share this week will include some of the green corno di toro peppers, tomatoes (ripe ones, not green), sweet potatoes, Iitoi’s onions and some baby spinach from the bed we thinned this morning. So this share is yet another that spans the summer and fall/winter season crops. The freeze has quickened the transition to winter crops.

We harvested all the butternut squash Monday morning after the first freeze. They probably won’t be at the markets again for a month or so, as they need awhile to cure and sweeten up.

We harvested the first beets today – several pounds of red ones were ready and there are more on the way.

I have been checking the carrots every harvest day for a few weeks now and they are almost big enough to harvest – maybe two more weeks.

As a reminder we WILL be at the Green Valley market the day before Thanksgiving, but we will NOT be at the Rillito market the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

spinach seedlings

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