Farm Update November 12, 2016

This season you will see some new and interesting crops/varieties that we are excited to grow for you. Parsnips and rutabagas are two new root crops that will be ready in a few months. We will also have broccoli raab and Romanesco cauliflower this season.

At the markets this week we will have a mix of summer and fall/winter vegetables. The transition from summer to fall/winter crops will depend on when the first freeze hits. The average first freeze in this part of the San Pedro Valley is Halloween, so it could come at any time now. The last two years it occurred on November 2. We have had a warm fall, so it might be a week or two before the cold takes our our remaining summer crops. The cool weather is already shutting down some of them – the chiles and peppers are nearly done; the okra plants will come out of the bed today; the tomatoes are really slowing down; the cucumbers are done for the season.

The Hakurei turnips and the radishes were the first of our cool-season vegetables to be harvested. Soon to follow are the carrots and  beets. We will harvest the butternut squash sometime within the next few weeks.

Thank you for supporting local, organic, sustainable agriculture.

sweet potatoes

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