Farm Update March 19, 2016

We are pretty excited to announce that we are now supplying produce to AgustÌn Kitchen; we made the first delivery this week ! So if you would like to taste some of our ingredients in a prepared form you can now sample them there in addition to Proper and The Coronet.

We will grow Colorado Rose potatoes again this season. They worked very well for us last year and we are looking forward to some delicious spuds in a couple months or so. We are preparing two beds for planting potatoes ñ twice as much bed space as last year.

The blackberry bushes are greening up ! This year we should have a fairly large harvest – last year’s harvest was 38 pounds and we are hoping for about 100 pounds this year. That’s enough for a lot of cobbler !

Our late spring/summer CSA deliveries will begin in mid-May and run through mid-September. We will start signing up shareholders in about 2 weeks. Additional CSA information will be forthcoming in the newsletter.

IMG_0264 copy
French red shallots
IMG_0265 copy
IMG_0266 copy

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