Farm Update March 12, 2016

Yesterday we finished planting the new bed of asparagus crowns, doubling the number of asparagus plants at the farm. The images show some of the stages of the process.

The trench is about a foot deep and 2 feet across. The soil in the trench is a mix of organic compost, peat and native soil. The crowns are a year old, which gives us a head start as compared to seed. In two years we can begin to harvest the crowns we just planted.

IMG_0231 copy

IMG_0236 copy

IMG_0240 copy

IMG_0251 copy

I am hoping to put in additional perennial crops this year. We currently have the asparagus, pomegranate and jujube trees, one fig tree, and blackberries. I am planning to plant about 15 more fig trees, a few more pomegranates and about 30 table grape vines. In a few years we should be harvesting all of these !

Thank you for supporting local, sustainable agriculture !

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