Farm Update August 5, 2017

Nearly all of the winter squash seeds we planted last week have sprouted. Now we will clear the weeds from the beds they will occupy and prepare to plant the seedlings. We are hoping to be ready to plant within a week and will be arranging a volunteer planting opportunity for those of you who may be interested. More details to follow on our Instagram feed (@southwindsfarmaz), webpage and in a special newsletter edition. Please ask for details at the market if you are interested.

Our shishito pepper plants are finally producing a decent amount of peppers. We had a few at the market last week; we will be bringing more this week and to subsequent markets.

As mentioned last week, our Suyo Long cucumber production has exploded; we are harvesting more than 80 pounds every other day now and the rate is still increasing. If you are interested in some for pickling, let us know by noon on Saturday and we will be happy to provide them in bulk (20# minimum) at a significantly lower price than we sell them at the market.

Finally, what about the weather!? Hottest June on record followed by the wettest July. What’s next?

We will see you at the market!

shishito peppers

the great wall of cucumbers with sinajuisa chiles in the foreground

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