Farm Update July 30, 2016

We just finished trellising the tomato plants. It was a marathon effort that needed over a half-mile of twine, applied about 10 feet at a time. We got behind on the trellising and the plants just exploded in growth with the monsoon humidity. After many person-hours (60?) we finally finished the job early this morning before we started harvesting.

The Italian flat beans are coming! Also known as Romano green beans, they are very tasty – delicious raw or cooked. We should have a few at the market this week and many more in the weeks to come.

Our eggplant are also blooming. They went in a bit late, but have started to put on many blooms.

One additional crop that is starting to come in is the okra. I saw the first flower yesterday as we were weeding that bed.

IMG_0623_Romanogreenbeans copy
Romano green beans
IMG_0624_NewbedofIitoi'sonions copy
New bed of Iitoi’s onions
IMG_0625_ Amaranth copy

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