Farm Update June 18, 2016

Our potatoes are almost ready for harvest! In the images you can see a potato plant before I dug it up, the same plant with potatoes still attached and some baby new potatoes harvested for the CSA shares. We will soon have potatoes in the markets available for everyone.

Yesterday we finally finished putting up the shade cloth over the tomatoes, chiles, sweet peppers and cucumber plants. I rented a power t-post driver and that saved us a lot of work. More than half of middle terrace in the field is now shaded with a 30% shade cloth. It is noticeably cooler under the shade in the heat of the day. We will augment the shade with water sprinklers during the upcoming heatwave to keep the temperatures reasonable for the plants (and for us as we work in the field).

In case you don’t receive the Heirloom Farmers’ Markets emails — the Sunday market at Rillito this weekend (19 June) will open at 7a and close around 11a due to the expected extreme heat.

IMG_0429_potatoplantbeforeharvest copy
Potato plant before harvest
IMG_0431_afterharvest copy
After harvest
IMG_0433_babynewpotatoes copy
Baby new potatoes

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