Farm Update April 23, 2016

The blackberry bushes are now blooming. We finished the trellising of the canes yesterday. A little blood was spilled due to interaction with the thorns, but that is the deal with blackberries – you have to bleed a little to get the delicious reward. The new canes are known as primacanes and the 2-year-old canes are the floracanes; these are the ones that bloom and produce the berries.

The potato plants are poking up through the soil. Soon we will be hilling them for the first time and in a couple months we will be harvesting new potatoes.

We are seeking summer helpers. If you are interested in helping on harvest days (primarily Tuesdays and Saturdays) or if you know of anyone who might be interested, please email or pass along my email. We are also looking for at least two more people to work this summer in exchange for room and board. If you know anyone who is interested, please have them contact me. Thanks!

We are continuing the sign-up for the late spring/summer CSA share program. It will consist of 16 weeks of deliveries to the markets starting the third week. of May and continuing into September. The cost will be $250. We will have the signup forms at our farm stands and available online. Please let us know if you’d like to reserve a spot or if you have any friends/coworkers/neighbors who are interested.IMG_0315 copy

IMG_0314 copy

IMG_0313 copy

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