Farm Update February 26, 2016

We already started some of the summer crops in seed trays and some of the plants have sprouted – tomatoes, chiles and sweet peppers. We will continue to plant apace in the coming 6 weeks or so.

The asparagus is coming up strongly. We will have a little bit of asparagus at the market this week and should have more in the coming weeks. I ordered another 120 one-year-old asparagus crowns which we will be planting next week. This will effectively double the size of our asparagus bed, but we won’t be harvesting any from the new crowns until the spring of 2018 – it takes a while for the crowns to get large enough to harvest spears.

The snow peas are finally blooming ! They made it through the winter and now have a good head start on spring. The cold mornings the last couple of days did no damage to them, so we will soon be harvesting peas. About one-quarter of the plants are a purple variety – these should be easier to see when harvesting.

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