Farm Update January 15, 2016

As you may know, we have been experiencing some pretty low temperatures out here at the farm. As a result our production has decreased ñ the plants are just not growing very quickly. Hence the baby beets in your shares lately instead of full-sized beets and the recent abundance of greens in your shares. The upshot of this is that our shares will be a bit smaller for the next two weeks and they will continue to comprise primarily greens. Don’t worry, we will take care of you in the weeks to come as the production increases. We have lots of goodies growing – we just can’t hurry them along.

The broccoli heads are growing nicely, as mentioned last week. They grew significantly over the last several days and, if these warmer nights keep coming as predicted for the next week or so, they will soon be ready for harvesting.

The beets are also coming along and will be more than baby-sized within two weeks or so.

I pulled a test carrot yesterday; it was 4 inches long and about the diameter of my little finger, so they will also soon be ready.

Add to that the baby bok choi and an entire bed of spinach seedlings that seem to be the only thing unfazed by the cold, and there are the makings of some delicious normal-valued shares in the very near future. Please bear with us as we squeeze through the remaining few weeks of cold weather !

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